Alumna award: Jennifer Bento receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Simmons Alumna Jennifer Bento was recently awarded a 3-year NSF graduate fellowship to support her research in improving the design of water purification systems. Jennifer is in her second year of graduate school in the Polymer Program in the Institute of Materials Science at the University of Connecticut. She is working with Dr. Douglas Adamson to create polyamide membranes with unusual geometries for use in the desalination of water. These membranes have several advantages over current water purification technology, and promise to improve access to clean water supplies.

Jennifer pursued many activities during her time at Simmons. Some of these activities include: research/senior thesis, working as a lab TA in the chemistry department, and participating in outreach with the Beyond Benign program. She also participated in an external REU at the University of Connecticut. These things together gave her a strong foundation in science and communication, and prepared her to create a competitive research proposal early in her career. This prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship will cover Jennifer’s graduate tuition and research expenses for the next 3 years of her Ph.D. program.

Congratulations, Jennifer! We look forward to seeing the results of your research.


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